Frankel Cardiovascular Center - Floor 4

Cardiovascular Center - Floor 4

What’s on CVC Level 4?

This is the surgery and intensive care level, where surgical and interventional radiology teams perform operations and endovascular procedures, and patients will spend the first days after their operations.

A comfortable art-filled reception area greets visitors as they step off the elevators, with computers and sleeper chairs for patients’ loved ones to use while they wait, and a quiet/meditation room for private reflection.

Each of the eight operating rooms and two endovascular procedure rooms is equipped with the latest technology, much of it suspended from the ceiling on movable “booms” that can swing into place as needed. At 700 square feet, each room has enough space to accommodate today’s advanced medical technology.

In these rooms, everything from aneurysm grafting, heart-valve repair, heart bypass surgery to carotid artery procedures, heart transplants and lung operations will take place. For a short while after the building opens, our kidney transplant teams will also use this area while University Hospital operating rooms are renovated and expanded.

The operating rooms will be used by U-M’s cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, general thoracic (chest) surgeons, anesthesiologists and surgical nursing and perfusion (heart/lung machine) teams. Meanwhile, interventional radiologists and specially trained surgeons will lead teams that will use the endovascular suites to perform minimally invasive procedures on blood vessels in the limbs, abdomen and neck.

One of the endovascular rooms has a 64-slice CT scanner, so that doctors can make a high-resolution image of the heart or blood vessels right in the procedure room — saving time in urgent situations such as ruptured aneurysms. This scanner complements several CT machines, MRI machines, PET scanners, and other tools in University Hospital that are used by our Cardiothoracic Radiology and Nuclear Cardiology teams.

Nearby, a small pharmacy provides health care professionals with rapid access to the medicines that are needed to care for patients during and immediately after surgery, and in the ICU and the inpatient unit on floor 5.

After their operations or procedures, many patients will be wheeled into one of the 20 bays of the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit or PACU, where specially trained teams focus on bringing them slowly out of the anesthetized state and carefully monitoring their condition.

From the PACU, most surgical patients will be admitted to the 24-bed Cardiovascular ICU, right down the hall. There, they’ll receive attentive care in specially configured private rooms that have a central column for medical gases, electric outlets and monitoring equipment – allowing doctors and nurses better access to the patient from any angle.

Also on this level: offices, and a skybridgeto University Hospital that will open in late 2007 to allow inpatients to be transferred.